Floating in the clouds

I take photos and make them into art

Untitled photo

I’m a Russian photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Originally I’m a professional musician with a degree in jazz guitar. Almost right after graduating from college I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and temporary lost my ability to play the instrument. I needed to find a new artistic way to express myself and to take my mind of things and that’s when I got into photography which became a huge passion of mine. 

I consider photography as an art form instead of just documentation of reality and I believe that art is about beauty - the things in life that make our world worth living in. I'm not afraid to enhance my images as I want my photos to show the world the way I see it as an artist: a little bit more polished, a little bit more dramatic, a little bit more surprising - overall a little bit more beautiful. I try to take photos that tell a story of colour and emotion and regardless of genre have my own artistic signature to them.